Physical Education

Course Overview

The physical education curriculum of North Chicago Community High School has been designed to help students recognize the importance of regular physical activity. All students are given the opportunity to be apart of and integrated into many different sports and physical activity in hopes of becoming a life-long mover.

Course Objective

Students will be able to progressively increase overall fitness by participating in daily fitness activities along with setting and tracking personal fitness goals.

Course Instructor Philosophy

We are alarmed about the overweight/obesity epidemic and the continuing hypo-kinetic disease (lack of physical activity), and diabetes that plague our nation today. We will continue to motivate our students as best we can by continual evaluation through fitness testing every semester and provide encouragement when necessary. We are dedicated to provide meaningful and beneficial activities for our students and are genuinely concerned about their overall health.

Attendance Policy

Daily Attendance is expected of all students. An Excused absence is different than an unexcused absence. An example of an excused absence could be a medical doctor’s appointment and it requires parental/guardian documentation within 24 hours of day of absence; an example of an unexcused absence could be oversleeping and will be documented unexcused even with parental follow up. Please note that an unexcused absence does not receive late work privileges. Students with lower than 80 percent attendance in any course may result in failing grades and will be reported as truancy and/or chronic truancy. Reference Student Handbook

PE Attire

Students will be required to wear a P.E. uniform, which consists of a t-shirt and shorts. If a student does not have a uniform available, a NCCHS uniform will be provided for them to keep and utilize throughout their stay here at the high school. ONE uniform (shorts and tshirt) will be provided per student. Students will need gym shoes as well for class. They will not be allowed to participate or wear sandals, flats, boots, or open toed shoes in the gym for safety purposes. These shoes are unsafe, and will not be allowed. For cold weather days, the students can wear sweatshirts, fleece, sweatpants or athletic pants. Students may not pull gym uniform over their school pants, they must change into them and wear athletic pants over their shorts. This will result in a reduction in their overall grade.

Students will also be given a lock for PE. If your student chooses to bring their own lock it must be a combination lock, and the combination MUST be given to their P.E. teacher in case of an emergency. Students will also not be able to share lockers or locks to reduce theft in the locker rooms. If the lock is not returned at the end of the semester, students will be charged $5.00 to their student account.

Course Outline

The first week of Physical Education class will cover the following: syllabus, grading, locker/lock distribution, attendance lines, make-up procedures, medical policy, uniform, and formal assessments.

The second week the NCCHS PE Department will be assessing each individual student’s fitness levels through a series of fitness tests. These will be assessed again throughout the semester to track overall fitness growth. Classes will begin with a warm-up/fitness activity and then conclude with a closure of the lesson. Throughout the semester, students will be learning fitness related terminology related to their present unit of study.

Course Requirements

In order to fulfill state and local requirements, all students in Illinois must participate in Physical Education daily, and pass the courses with a 60% or better to meet graduation requirements. Student athletes get no special privileges and are expected to participate in all class activities. Students who choose not to participate in selected activities must walk or stand and will get 1 point for the day which will drop their weekly grade. Students with special needs will be adapted into our program as best as we can accommodate them.

Assessment Scale

A = 90 – 100%
B = 80 – 89%
C = 70 – 79%
D = 60 – 69%
F = Below 60%

Department Grading Policies

Each day you CAN receive up to 5 points for a total of 25 points per week. Points can be deducted for inappropriate attire or behavior, not dressing or participating, missing work, or any unauthorized tardy or absence. Make ups will need to be completed in order to earn points back and pass the term. Students who received no credit due to dismissal because of poor behavior or attitude will not be able to make up credit for those incidents.

Grading breakdown is as follows:

5 points-
Will be awarded daily to the students who meet and exceed all daily Physical Education requirements. (Full P.E. Uniform, gym shoes, 100% participation, on-time for class, no behavioral problems, respect for teachers, equipment, and classmates)

1 point-
Will be awarded to the students who fail to meet one or more daily Physical Education requirements.

0 points-
Will be awarded if you do not meet the above.

PE Make-Ups
PE make ups will be offered upon student request. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out their teacher and ask for makeup work upon returning from absences. It is up to the teacher’s discretion as to what their makeup work will entail.

We will also offer the week BEFORE finals, an opportunity for students to come before school, during their lunch periods and also after school for other makeup work.

Final Grade Breakdown

In Class Activities – 10%
Quiz (CFA) – 10%
Participation – 30%
Skill Assessments – 20%
Fitness Testing – 30%

Course Policies/Expectations

Medical excuses from parents are accepted up to 3 days per quarter and then after that a doctor’s note is required for non-participation. Students with medical excuses will be given an additional assignment to receive credit for those days. Students are responsible for getting excused note to their PE teacher. If a student has a medical that cannot be adapted in the class and is excused for more than 50% of the classes, a letter grade of “M” will be given. The final grade will be determined by averaging the quarter grades.

Discipline issues may be handled immediately by the teacher through appropriate point deduction. If behavior is deemed unsafe for the student and others, the student will be removed and receive no credit for the day. Horseplay is also not safe, and immediate disciplinary measures will be taken. Although some might think it’s funny or playing around, one can harm themselves and others and it’s taken very seriously.

Locker Room Procedures

All students must be in the main gym by the time the tardy bell rings each period. The doors will be closed for security purposes. If you are not in the main gym by the time the tardy bell rings, you will not be allowed in class unless you have a tardy pass or an excused pass from your teacher to enter.

Students will have 5 minutes when the tardy bell rings, to change, lock up belongings, and report to their assigned teacher in their attendance rows. They will be dismissed 5 minutes before the period ends to change, gather belongings, and wait to be dismissed for the period.

During your P.E. period, you should use a locker to secure your belongings. You will be given a lock and it cannot be left on the locker overnight. While every precaution will be taken for locker room security, students should avoid bringing large sums of money, cell phones, iPods, or other valuables into the locker room. To further our security, we strongly suggest that no students share lockers with one another to protect each individual’s belongings.The physical education department will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items because they should be locked up and no one other than that student should have access to the locker for that period. All belongings must remain in the locker room. No jackets, hoodies, backpacks, cellphones/IPods or book are allowed in the P.E. facilities.

Students should use appropriate behavior while in the locker room. If students have questions about what is appropriate and not appropriate, they can refer to the student handbook for clarification. Students must remain in the gym until the bell rings to dismiss them from class. If students abuse this privilege, they will have to remain in the locker room until the bell rings for dismissal.


PE Instructors

Mr. Mordini, [email protected]
Mr. O’Connell,  [email protected]
Mr.Kapaldo,  [email protected]
Mr. Krausz, [email protected]
Mr. Swanson, [email protected]


(847) 578-7400


Ext. 7296 (Boys locker room)
Ext. 7293 (Girls locker room)

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