Clubs & Programs

Clubs and Programs are great ways for students to grow, learn, make new friends, and have fun during and outside of their regular school schedule. D187 offers many ways for students to enrich their school experience, from youth empowerment to various art-based clubs. Check out the information below and see what D187 has to offer!

For more information about any programs listed below, please find the specific contact information for each program.

Anime Club Logo

Anime Club

A multi-faceted club centered around Japanese anime/manga. We celebrate classic/acclaimed shows & introduce students to new hits of the season. We also explore Japanese culture through games, music appreciation, & taste-testing of popular Japanese snacks. This year, our end-of-year event is attending ACen, an annual anime convention with an average attendance of 25k people!

*Meets every Monday in Rm. D115 from 3:35 pm to 4:45pm*

For more information, contact:

Josh Forsman 

Grant Spathis

Anime Club Pic 2024

Art Club Logo

Art Club

Students work on a multitude of different projects focusing on mediums that interest students, giving everyone a chance to grow in their crafts. Along with that we spend time giving valuable feedback and critiques to help grow as artists. 

"Art Club is a place to relax and create. Students work at their own pace on student created projects and activities."

For more information, contact:

Nicole Paglia

Chicago Voyagers

Students will be exposed to various outdoor experiences to gain positive coping skills and build support networks. Students who complete the program will take a multi day outdoor experience in the summer.

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Roberts

Catherine Kavender


Class Sponsors contacts:

Senior Class

It is our mission to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable to speak their minds & learn from each other! We meet to get the senior class excited about the their final high school experience and engage in community service opportunities. Additionally, we plan activities and fundraising events for the year while supporting Student Council activities.  Meetings are the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 3:35 pm- 4:30 pm


Trendelle Vaughn

Junior Class

A junior class club is a group of 11th-grade students who help create fun activities and events for their grade level. We also help plan a night to remember for junior/senior prom. If you see yourself as a leader, want to help plan fun activities for your grade, get volunteer opportunities, and advocate for your grade, please consider joining!

*Meetings are Wednesday, 2:55-3:30 in Studio 187.

Nigel Patrick

Sophomore Class

The Sophomore Class Club is a group of 10th-grade students who help create fun activities and events for their grade level. If you see yourself as a leader, want to help plan fun activities for your grade, get volunteer opportunities, and advocate for your grade, please consider joining!

*Meetings are Tuesdays, 3:45-4:45, in D104.

Franni Dimon

Freshmen Class (Class of 2027 Club)

Freshman Class club is a group of 9th grade students who help create fun activities and events for their grade level. If you are someone who sees yourself as a leader, wants to help plan fun activities for your grade, get volunteer opportunities, and be a part of a solid group, please consider joining. 2027 club meets every other Friday after school in D209

Jennifer Hernandez-Macke

Drama Club

Drama Club is fantastic way to get exposure to the world of staged performance. Whether you want to be an actor or work behind the scenes, students work together to put on a final production that we will perform for the community at the end of each season to showcase our hard work. The goal of drama club is to spread the idea of inclusivity and acceptance through the telling of different stories on stage.

For more information, contact:

Anders Stadler

Alfred Fajardo


The Gender and Sexualities Alliance aims to act as a safe gathering space and time for LGBT+ students and allies. Students relax, hang out, and help plan ways to improve the school climate for LGBT+ students and increase awareness on social issues.

  • Meetings are weekly on Fridays in C202 from 3:35 to 4:35

For more information, contact:

Danny Samuelson

National Honor Society

National Honors Society

NCCHS has a chapter of NHS, which is a national organization that supports students who demonstrate leadership, scholarship, good character, as well as volunteerism in and out of school! Students can only belong to NHS if they are first nominated, then selected through an application process. Once inducted into NHS, students are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills through volunteerism and community events. Along with being a member, students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships due to their belonging to NHS. NHS members represent the ideals of NCCHS to not only the school community, but also the nation as a whole! 

  • NHS meetings will occur every other Tuesday, from 3:35-4:35. (Meeting times subject to change)

For more information, contact:

Genevieve Fritz

Boys and Girls Club of Lake County

NCCHS Boys and Girls Club of Lake County

A comprehensive youth development service provider for youth of Lake County. BGCLC has 8 Club locations throughout Waukegan and North Chicago serving nearly 250 youth per day. Our Club is a place where youth and their families connect with resources, receive academic support and reinforcement, engage with caring adult mentors, and ignite their passions to encourage success.

For more information, contact:

Demetrious Young


NJROTC/Color Guard

Color Guard provides an opportunity for students to learn the basic elements and requirements for national security as well as their personal obligation as Americans. It focuses on the development of core attributes such as respect, motivation and discipline. 

For more information, contact:

Chief Santos Colon


Student Council

Student Council serves as a safe space for students to share their voice. The goal of Student Council is to improve school culture, set expectations and reward students. The club is student led and solution oriented. 

  • Student Council meets Mondays from 3:45-4:45 in D104

For more information, contact:

Hannah Trumpis

Student Council 2024

Teen Reach

The goal of the Teen REACH program is to expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower, and encourage youth to achieve positive growth and development, improve expectations and capacities for future success, and avoid and/or reduce risk-taking behavior. Specifically, this means providing youth with safe environments and caring adults and guiding them toward educational success, marketable skills, and opportunities to serve their communities. 

For more information, contact: 

Tara Cook

Warhawk Media

The NCCHS Media Team shows the true narrative of NCCHS to improve school spirit, culture and climate through media. Photography, cinematography and social media are used to showcase student life. Team projects are showcased on two Instagram (Facebook) pages, @ncchs.sports and @ncchsdaily and the student information monitors throughout the building. 

For more information, contact:

Tara Cook

Work Study Logo

Work-Study Program

The NCCHS Work-Study Program allows seniors to take a first-semester class promoting work readiness and a second-semester opportunity for in-person and virtual internship opportunities with a company in Lake County. Students can earn stipends for various work-related assignments and experiences throughout the year.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Hollenstein

Z forces Club

Students work to create a sustainable school environment and learn about science opportunities. Students will work with the entire district to be environmental mentors for the student population. 

For more information, contact:

Grant Spathis

Elizabeth Roberts