History Standards

Change, Continuity, and Context

  • SS.H.1.9-12: Evaluate how historical developments were shaped by time and place as well as broader historical contexts.
  • SS.H.2.9-12: Analyze change and continuity within and across historical eras.
  • SS.H.3.9-12: Evaluate the methods utilized by people and institutions to promote change.
  • SS.H.4.9-12: Analyze how people and institutions have reacted to environmental, scientific, and technological changes.
  • SS.H.5.9-12: Analyze the factors and historical context that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.
  • SS.H.6.9-12: Analyze the concept and pursuit of the American Dream.
  • SS.H.7.9-12: Identify the role of individuals, groups, and institutions in people’s struggle for safety, freedom, equality and justice.
  • SS.H.8.9-12: Analyze key historical events and contributions of individuals through a variety of perspectives, including those of historically underrepresented groups.
    Historical Sources and Evidence
  • SS.H.9.9-12: Analyze the relationship between historical sources and the secondary interpretations made from them.
    Causation and Argumentation
  • SS.H.10.9-12: Analyze the causes and effects of global conflicts and economic crises.
  • SS.H.11.9-12: Analyze multiple and complex causes and effects of events in the past.
  • SS.H.12.9-12: Analyze the geographic and cultural forces that have resulted in conflict and cooperation
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