Business/Technology Department

Business and Technology

Business and Technology Department
The goals of the Business and Technology department is to introduce students to content and skills that directly impact success as independent consumers and professionals. Content such as computer applications, computer programming, economics, entrepreneurship, financial planning, banking, investing. Classroom activities, projects, and presentations help develop oral and written communication; planning; task management; and presentation skills. We hope to inspire students to pursue digital literacy, financial independence, and an understanding of business operations.

Course Offerings
Introduction to Business
Consumer Economics
Consumer Math
Computer Literacy
Foundations of IT
IT Career Pathways (Project Lead the Way)

National Business Education Association
Business Law IV: Business Organizations
Computation V: Statistics and Probability
Communication: IV Technological Communication
Economics I: Allocation of Resources
Economics IV: Markets and Prices
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Entrepreneurship IV: Finance
Entrepreneurship V: Accounting
Entrepreneurship VII: Global Markets
Information Technology IV: Input Technologies
Information Technology VIII: Information Retrieval and Synthesis
Information Technology XI: Programming and Application Development
Information Technology XVIII: Information Technology Careers
Management I: Management Functions
Management III: Business Organization
Management VI: Human Resource Management

Business Technology Instructors

Eugene Dalbo
Brock Foerch
Julie Forgash
Joseph Hall

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