Fighting Terrorism Project


Fighting Terrorism Project–Instruction Sheet

You are a member of NATO’s Counter-Terrorism Unit. The mission statement for your group is “improving awareness of the threat, developing capabilities to prepare and respond, and enhancing engagement with partner countries and other international actors.” You are tasked with researching a terrorist organization and reporting back to your superiors about the organization. You must also make recommendations about what would be the best way to contain, undermine or fight this group.

This assignment is worth 60 points (project category). Follow each of these steps to complete this assignment and earn the highest score possible. You will have to make your presentation and recommendations on Tuesday 1/17/17.

  1. Teacher will assign you a terrorist organization
  2. Create a google presentation–share it with your partner(s)–NAME IT THE NAME OF YOUR TERRORIST GROUP & PERIOD
  3. You select what information goes into your report.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Identify the place in the world/ country where this group is the biggest threat
  2. Explain if this group has any direct threats to America or Americans living abroad
  3. Explain the origins of this group (history)
  4. Explain what the goals of this group are (what are they fighting for)
  5. Background on the current leader (s) of the group
  6. Detail past crimes/ atrocities are they responsible for
  7. Predict what may happen if this group goes unchecked
  8. Recommend the best course of action for dealing with this group (be specific as to WHO should have to intervene to stop or contain this group)
  • The text in your presentation must be easy to read, concise and IN YOUR OWN WORDS
  • You determine how many pictures, video or other primary sources you need to enhance your report
  • You will present your report on Tuesday, January 17. The audience will complete an audience response sheet evaluating your report.
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