Survey for High School Improvement Grant

As we move towards the end of an exciting and productive school year, I am pleased to inform you that we are applying for the School Improvement Grant (SIG) for North Chicago Community High School. The SIG will benefit us tremendously, to raise substantially, the achievement of students in our school. The following is a brief summary of each of the five viable models. The Transformation Model would give our school the most creative opportunities to continue our work with developing our Medical, Engineering, and Computer Science Career Pathways.

❖ Transformation Model (K-12)
• Develop teacher and leader effectiveness
• Comprehensive instructional programs using student achievement data
• Extend learning time and create community-oriented schools
• Providing flexibility and intensive support
• Develop and extend career pathway

❖ Turnaround Model (K-12)
• Replace the principal and at least 50% of the staff
• Adopt new governance and implement a new or revised instructional program
• Incorporate interventions that take into account the recruitment, placement and development of staff to       zzensure they meet student needs
• Develop schedules that increase time for both students and staff
• Provide appropriate social-emotional and community-oriented services/supports

❖ Whole-School Reform Model (K-12, as determined by the model developer)
• Conduct a rigorous review of federally approved Whole-School Reform Model Developers that are
ccwilling to enter into a contract with the school and district in order to implement their evidence-based zzmodel in the school.
• Strict adherence to developer mandates would be required.

❖ Closure
• Close a failing school and enroll the students who attended that school in other schools in the district that zzare higher achieving or to new schools for which achievement data are not year available.
• These other schools should be within reasonable proximity to the closed school and may include, but are zznot limited to, charter schools.

❖ Early Learning Model (PreK-1)
• Replace the principal
• Provide full-day kindergarten
• Provide a full-day, high quality preschool program for at least one year prior to kindergarten entry

We appreciate the time you will take to complete this survey. If you have any questions regarding
the survey or the models, please contact Suzy Peterson at 847-769-9507 or email [email protected].

– Venesa Woods


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