Letter from the Principal

V. Woods

Welcome to North Chicago Community High School

Welcome to our 2015 – 2016 school year, where Warhawks soar above others and achieve greatness.

District 187 is “On the Move” and NCCHS is readying itself to exhibit excellence in teaching and learning, provide a calm college and career bound culture and climate, and continuously communicate with parents and our entire learning community.   We are setting our sights higher than ever because Warhawks soar proudly.

I fundamentally believe in the importance of all students, teachers, staff members, parents, and community stakeholders to be active partners in the school success factor and work together to set the tone and pathway to current and future successes. My daily mind set is to be a reflective and responsible instructional leader who informs, guides and collaborates with all so that all members of our learning community come prepared daily to provide, to share, and to model the academic and life skills needed before, during, and after our student’s lives at NCCHS.  We are life-long learners creating life-long learners.

It is essential that students are active participants each day in the multitude of positive experiences in instruction by teachers that occurs within our college preparatory courses including our Health Care Pathway, our Information Technology Pathway, our NJROTC, our Tech Campus, Our Dual Credit, and many more day to day teaching and learning opportunities.  We know that it is through hard work, persistence, and support systems that we will achieve our goals and overcome obstacles; thus, our commitment to our District Vision that “We Will Prepare all Students for Success in College, Careers, and Global Citizenship” becomes core to our Warhawk pride. Let’s not accept less than the vision of our students leaving the halls of NCCHS each day filled with memories of events that have shaped and molded them into the individuals they are destined to become; individuals who return each day with a yearning to learn; individuals who know that their teachers are a collective whole who transfer knowledge and develop skills that empower them to be quality thinkers. Yes, Warhawks are individuals who set goals, plan their actions, achieve those goals, set news ones, and soar to pursue their dreams with a vengeance and the confidence of knowing that they have the power and academic foundation to be leaders on campus, at colleges and universities, in high demand careers, and in their own community.

Together we will foster an atmosphere of successful outcomes. We are a community, and …

  • We know school is important.  Be here each day to participate in the teaching, learning, and experiences necessary to be your best.  Set your attendance goal high and help meet the campus goal of 92% or higher this year.
  • We know you can do the work, and we are here to support your efforts with in class help as well as before and after school.
  • We will not give up on you. We are here each day with bell to bell instruction designed to build your knowledge power
  • We know together that we are essential to the “wind powering our Warhawk wings” to soar.

District 187’s commitment to initiate and sustain a platform for success for every student is on-going and there is not a limit for Warhawks who perch on the highest peaks of success in our school, communities, and global society.

I am excited and proud to be part of the movement at NCCHS
The time to show our WARHAWK PRIDE is now; Join me

Principal Venesa Woods