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Career Pathway Students work with Abbvie in STEM Challenge

On January 20, 2016 NCCHS Career Pathway students met with over 20 mentors from Abbvie to “kick-off” the STEM challenge.  This is the first time NCCHS has participated in this event which asks teams of students to create an innovation or system that will improve health literacy or overall wellness in the North Chicago Community.  This challenge is made possible through the R&D STEM Learning Exchange which is part of Illinois Pathways, an initiative launched in 2012 to better prepare students to compete in the global economy. NCCHS is very excited about the Abbvie Foundation agreeing to be our corporate sponsor for this project.  There will be 15 teams working to complete this challenge. 75 total students from the Healthcare Careers Pathway and Information Technology Careers Pathway will be working on solutions to this challenge throughout the 2nd semester.  Students will communicate with their Abbvie Mentors through an online platform called the Mentor Match Engine.  There will be an event planned in early May that will allow all 15 teams an opportunity to share their research, solution and data. In addition, the top team from the school will travel to Chicago on May 19, 2016 for the STEM challenge student showcase.

NCCHS Staff Hard at Work

North Chicago High School staff hard at work during a professional development workshop for Promethean Board student response devices.

Promethean’s suite of student response systems help educators ensure that each student’s voice is heard, mind is engaged and needs are met.



Warhawks take 1st place!

North Chicago High School Freshman A team took 1st place at the Waukegan Holiday Basketball Tournament.  Go Warhawks!


Warhawks Tumble into Victory!

Over winter break the North Chicago High School wrestling team had a victorious day at the Evanston Holiday Wrestling Tournament.

Congratulations Warhawks:

High School Choir Performs at Discover Consumer Banking’s Holiday Party!

Since the fall of 2014, Discover Consumer Banking has partnered closely with North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) and CUSD 187, and, in working closely with NCCP, has continued to expand the breadth and depth of their engagement over time. A few weeks ago, Discover reached out, asking the North Chicago Community High School Choir to perform at their annual company holiday party.  The choir worked hard to prepare an assortment of songs, and wowed the crowd yesterday afternoon.  Congratulations on a wonderful performance, and way to represent CUSD 187 well!


Parent Math Night

rsz_img_1056We had a success parent math night.  Parents, teachers and students came together to share information regarding our new Carnegie Math program.  It was a great community collaboration to support our students learning!


IMG_1055NCCHS staff working hard at completing our AdavcED survey.

AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.

Click here to read more about AdvancED

Survey for High School Improvement Grant

As we move towards the end of an exciting and productive school year, I am pleased to inform you that we are applying for the School Improvement Grant (SIG) for North Chicago Community High School. The SIG will benefit us tremendously, to raise substantially, the achievement of students in our school. The following is a brief summary of each of the five viable models. The Transformation Model would give our school the most creative opportunities to continue our work with developing our Medical, Engineering, and Computer Science Career Pathways.

❖ Transformation Model (K-12)
• Develop teacher and leader effectiveness
• Comprehensive instructional programs using student achievement data
• Extend learning time and create community-oriented schools
• Providing flexibility and intensive support
• Develop and extend career pathway

❖ Turnaround Model (K-12)
• Replace the principal and at least 50% of the staff
• Adopt new governance and implement a new or revised instructional program
• Incorporate interventions that take into account the recruitment, placement and development of staff to       zzensure they meet student needs
• Develop schedules that increase time for both students and staff
• Provide appropriate social-emotional and community-oriented services/supports

❖ Whole-School Reform Model (K-12, as determined by the model developer)
• Conduct a rigorous review of federally approved Whole-School Reform Model Developers that are
ccwilling to enter into a contract with the school and district in order to implement their evidence-based zzmodel in the school.
• Strict adherence to developer mandates would be required.

❖ Closure
• Close a failing school and enroll the students who attended that school in other schools in the district that zzare higher achieving or to new schools for which achievement data are not year available.
• These other schools should be within reasonable proximity to the closed school and may include, but are zznot limited to, charter schools.

❖ Early Learning Model (PreK-1)
• Replace the principal
• Provide full-day kindergarten
• Provide a full-day, high quality preschool program for at least one year prior to kindergarten entry

We appreciate the time you will take to complete this survey. If you have any questions regarding
the survey or the models, please contact Suzy Peterson at 847-769-9507 or email

– Venesa Woods


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Medical career program helps revive North Chicago schools

On April 30th, 2015, North Chicago Community High School hosted the Health Professions Education Consortium annual meeting.

The meeting was a tremendous success, and brought many groups together to focus on the pathways programs for the region, as well as other future health professions careers emerging in the field. There were numerous individuals that came up to school leaders to share how exhilarated they were by the overall experience at the high school, and appreciated the work of the team and students. Many of guests were very moved by the stories and experiences that the students shared during the program, and expressed that it was one of the most uplifting mornings, and wished that they could experience that everyday. Read on for coverage of the event by the Chicago Tribune.

Read the full article here